Scream Queens Reaction & Recap

As you may or may not have heard, the Fox series premiere of the new show Scream Queens was aired last night. This new show stars Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Lea Michelle, Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Jamie Lee Curtis, and so many more. The cast is phenomenal, so naturally the show has to be great. I’m here today to tell you all about my thoughts on what happened. scream_queens_cast_0_1442410072

* WARNING* There may be spoilers ahead, read at your own risk!!

This show is a horror/comedy made to mock all “typical horror” movies. It is intriguing and super fast paced. The first episode was a total of 2 hours long, and there was action the whole time that left you wanting more.

In the beginning, it shows a flashback into the past of the Kappa House where we learn that a teen girl gave birth in a bathtub. Moments later, she bled out and died because her friends would rather party than help her. Since then, the house seems to be “haunted”.

Fast forward to the present time, the president of the KKT house is a young girl named Chanel no. 1 who only cares about popularity and being pretty. Her minions, Chanel no. 2, Chanel no. 3, and Chanel no. 5 follow her every step and do whatever she asks. On the night of initiation, Dean Munsch tells Chanel that she must accept everyone who wants to be in KKT no matter what, even the “losers” of the school.


Throughout the show many people end up dead, and it is all linked to one serial killer in a red devil costume. The mystery of the show is who is in it, and who is the baby of the dead girl from 20 years ago?

The immediate word that popped into my head while I was watching was “wow”. In the first hour of the show, I think there were 4 people who died. I was so upset when the maid died because she was so adorable and innocent. Chanel no. 1 stuck the maid’s head into a fryer that was supposed to be turned off. However, someone turned it back on, so when the maid’s head went in, it was burned off.

As much as I hate Chanel for killing her, she is also one of the best characters cause of her personality. She is so funny and made me laugh so many times.

I also loved the part when Chanel no. 2 (Ariana) was being murdered because when she was stabbed once, her initial thought was to tweet about it. She was killed before she could press send, so she came back to life to press it. GIF_scream_queens_first_look_2-1436719567

Another creepy part was when one of the new sorority sister’s head was cut off with a lawn mower. Riding the lawn mower was the masked devil, of course. Supposedly, every episode at least one person dies, and already there have been so many deaths, real or fake. At the end of the episode, Nick Jonas, who was supposedly murdered, comes back to life. So that only leads us to question who else is alive? The maid, Ariana, lawn mower girl?

So what are your thoughts? Who do you think is under the devil’s mask? Who do you think will die next? Do you guys want me to do more recaps like this? Let me know by leaving a comment or tweeting me!

Xo, Jessica


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