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Ariana Grande’s style is one that I have admired for the longest time ever. She is super girly and vintage-y, but still makes her looks modern. I had this idea for a style steal because I was looking through her more casual outfits that I could wear to school, and this one was perfect.

This outfit is one she wore to an airport one time, and it looks super simple but you can really change it up. For my version of this outfit I wore a 3/4 sleeve grey crop top, and black high-waisted jeans, replacing her dark wash ones. Paired with that I have the blue and gold watch from my September Faves post, and my black booties.

DSCN2254          DSCN2259

This outfit is great because it is super stylish but is casual enough to wear to school. There are so many ways to layer it, and it can be dressed up or down. The wedged booties make it a bit fancier, but if you are uncomfortable with those, you can always change those out for black sneakers instead. This is definitely an outfit I will be wearing over and over this year!

Sorry for the short blog, school is a pain! Next one will be longer. Thanks for reading 🙂

Xo, Jessica


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