Winter Must-Haves

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to start using the fireplace again, and snuggle up in blankets (even though I do that all year round).  Today I thought I would tell you my winter must haves, because I use these things all through out this season, and maybe you can ask for some of them for Christmas!

First number one thing to have is a ton of bath bombs! These are the perfect way to get cozy in the winter, and they are super relaxing during all those midterms! This one is called “Shoot for the stars” from Lush and I highly recommend it! The smell is amazing, and it is very colorful. Plus, there are little stars that come out and float around you. Super Instagrammable!


Another one of my faves for this month is candles. I have a TON of candles (mostly from Bath and Body Works) and there is constantly one lit in my room. This one has been my most used recently and it is very Christmas-y yet fruity which I love.


During the winter my skin gets extremely dry so it is important for me to keep my hands and legs moisturized. I have been loving this body butter by Soap and Glory which I got from my friend Liv! It smells amazing and really works wonders keeping your skin soft.



These next to go hand-in-hand because they are both face products, but I love them equally as much. Since there isn’t as much sunlight during this time and my face isn’t as tan 😦 , I like to use bronzer to give some warmth to my skin. I have been using this one by Physician’s Formula and it works really well, but it shimmers which is the only bad part. Also, I barely ever use foundation in the Winter unless I am going to a party, so I use BB cream instead. This one is my favorite, and I suggest trying it out.

These last two go together, too. First is having a warm, cozy blanket. I basically live in my bed during the winter, and I wouldn’t be able to survive without a blanket. I actually just got this one today from Victoria Secret, and it is the softest material ever. Definitely going to get a lot of use from it. Also, I love wearing fuzzy socks because they keep my feet warm, and they’re comfortable. Sometimes I’ll even wear them to school with boots because I don’t want to go anywhere without them.

Thats all for my blog post for today! I really hope you guys enjoyed it and be on the lookout for another post this week! I really want to start posting more again, so leave some requests in the comments!

Xoxo, Jessica


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