How To Remember 2016

It is only the third day of 2016 and I realized that I already don’t remember what I did on the first. This got me to thinking, how can I remember this year and all the things I will do? Well, if you are in the same place as me, here are some ideas on how to make sure you don’t forget a thing this year. Wow, and another blog post today!

One idea I have which is what I am doing, is taking a picture every single day, even if I am not doing anything, then sticking it into a notebook. Under each picture, I write the date, and sometimes a quote/doodle. This is a really fun idea and of course you do not have to do everyday, maybe just every week. I just love the idea of having an album of physical pictures to look at!


Another idea that I have seen circulating the internet is making a second Snapchat account, and then when ever you do something fun that you want to remember, you send it to the second account. At the end of the year, you can log into that account and re-watch your entire year!


Next, I love love love the idea of keeping a journal, and I recently started one. I write at least one page everyday, and this will help me remember the things that I have done. Plus, when you’re older, it will be fun to read the silly things you wrote. Play around with it using different colored pens to make it more unique.


And this last idea is one that I have seen for quite some time is having a memory jar. You can find any container, being a mason jar, old candle holder, etc. and use sticky notes to write your memories. You can also write the date on each one, and at the end of the year read them all.


Thank you so much for reading, please let me know in the comments if you try any of these ideas out! See you on Wednesday.



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