Having A Healthy Lifestyle

Hi guys! Since it is still January, I thought I would share a post aimed sort of for the new year. From the end of December until now, I have been trying really hard to work for the body and health that I want, and by this I do not mean losing weight. I want to stay in shape, and have a toned body that I can be proud of. Of course everyone’s body is different and perfect, and don’t be afraid to show yours off! I just wanted to up my confidence level because I have been feeling pretty insecure lately.
So to get on with this post, I am going to be showing some of the ways I am having (or trying to have) a healthy lifestyle.

My first point is to eat healthier. I snack a lot which is super bad for you especially when I am eating chips and ice cream. Recently I have replaced my usual foods for healthier options. I eat a lot of apples, bananas, cheeses, broccoli, etc. The best way to eat healthier is by slowly eliminating certain foods from your diet. For example, I started out by getting rid of soda, and now I mostly only drink water. Also, I swapped out my Cheetos and Doritos with thin pretzels and skinny pop (popcorn). This works really well because they are healthier alternatives to start with because you are still getting that satisfaction, without the added sugar and calories. Some apps that I recommend for food are Yummly and Blogilates. they have a really good variety, and I can guarantee that you will find something you like. With a healthy diet comes drinking water. I try to drink 3-4 bottles a day because it has so many benefits. It can clear up your skin, and keeps you energized.

Also, to get that healthy lifestyle, I think it is important to work out at least a couple times a week. This will get you moving, and keep you in shape. I absolutely love watching Blogilates on youtube and I recommend her videos so much. Also, I love using the app Sworkit because you can make your own workout or use one of the ones they have. Another great app is Yoga Studio that my friend suggested to me. It is the best $5 I spent and I use this app almost daily. For my workout, I start off with 15 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes of working out (usually with youtube) and a 15 minute cool down. For the cool down I will typically do a few stretches, some breathing, and a few yoga poses.

Another important step to achieving is sleep. I get less and less sleep every week because of school. In September, I got at least 9 hours of sleep and I went to bed early all the time. Now I barely get 6 some nights which is horrible. Sleep is important because it affects your mood for the entire day. Also, if you don’t get any sleep, you don’t really want to do anything so it can affect your productivity, too.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post and will start your healthy, productive lifestyles!



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