Skin Care Routine

Welcome back readers! For today’s post, I thought that I would tell you all about what I do to my skin to keep from breaking out. Or at least minimizing the amount I get. 

*Warning* There is a lot of Proactiv in this post, but I promise it’s not sponsored!

Skin care is something that up until recently has not been so important to me. I always knew it was important to wash my face, but that’s where my routine ended. But I have definitely improved recently, and I exfoliate/tone/wash my face now. If you want to learn more about it, just read ahead. 

First, I start off with putting my hair up because it’s not fun when the different products get into it. Next, about once a week (sometimes less, oops) I use my Proactiv skin smoothing exfoliator along with a facial cleaning brush. This just helps to clear up my face and keep it hydrated. I usually do this step in the shower, cause this can be a pain to do in the sink. Either way works though!

You do not want to use this more than once a day however, or it will actually dry out your face, not help refresh it. 

Remember, when drying your face, make sure to pat lightly with a towel, not pull at your skin, or it can create wrinkles over time. Plus, the skin on your face is really sensitive, and you can irritate it easily. 

The days where I am not using the exfoliator, I use these Neutrogena Makeup Remover wipes. It is important to clean your face and get rid of any dirt and makeup on it because if you don’t it can really clog your pores. That will just lead to more breakouts and I don’t think anyone wants that. These get all your makeup off just by using one sheet so I highly recommend them.

Some days when I’m not wearing any makeup or just wearing some concealer, I use the Murad Toner that I got in my Beautycon BFF box instead because it still gets the job done. I also love it because my face tends to get really oily, and this really helps me control that, too.


Also, I like to use a mask on my face every month to keep it nice and smooth. The one I have been using recently is the Skin Purifying Mask by Proactiv (again, yes). You just apply it to a damp face, then rinse it off after 10-15 min. I really see a difference when I take it off right away which is always a good thing. I suggest a cream mask over a peel off one, because the other is messy and harder to remove. 


Next, I use two more Proactiv products I got in a set with the exfoliator. The first is a pore targeting treatment that I apply on/around my nose, chin, and forehead. For my cheeks, I use the complexion perfecting hydrator. I have a untreatable genetic condition on my face that causes it to get really red and patchy, so if you struggle with that, this complexion hydrator works wonders. Some days, I prefer using the Eucerin soothing repair cream instead. It is a little heavy on your skin, but it soaks in quickly and provides a lot of moisture.


And there you go, that is what I do (or try to do) to my face on a daily basis. Your skin does so much for you, and it is important to treat it right. If you have any questions or want a review of a product, let me know in the comments below!