ColourPop Swatches + Review!

Happy Sunday, and happy first day of May! I am so excited for the school year to be coming to an end (51 days) so I can finally spend my days at the beach. In today’s post, I will be swatch-ing and reviewing all the ColourPop products I own.

I want to start with the matte liquid lipsticks because they are the newest addition to my makeup collection. I got both the shades “clueless” and “lumiere 2”. Unfortunately, both are a little darker than I thought they would be, but they are still so beautiful. Clueless is a mauve shade with pink undertones. It is my favorite of the two because you can use it for an everyday look. Lumiere 2 is such a pretty pink with purple undertones. However, it is darker than I am used to, but I am excited to play around with it.

As for the quality, it is so amazing for $6. I really can not complain one bit about it. It has a really nice applicator and glides on smoothly. One thing to make sure of though is to make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized. If they aren’t, you will be able to tell and the color doesn’t show as nice.

I also got one of the lippie pencils in the shade “bound” and it is a nude/brown color. It goes so well underneath clueless. I like how creamy it is and it doesn’t crease on your lips.


I also own one of the super shock highlighters. I got this in my beautycon box a few months ago, and you may remember seeing it in my blog post. This one I have is the shade “Stole the Show”. It is very shimmery and gives you a really nice glow. It reminds me of the dream bouncy blush by Maybelline by the touch.

The final product I have is the super shock eyeshadow in the shade “La La”. I got this from my friend (shoutout to Anna) and I have been using it so much. It’s a bronze/copper color with a sparkle. The shadow is very pigmented and you barely need to use any to get the full color.



ColourPop has become my favorite brand recently and I am excited to grow my collection. I am already picking out what I want to order next. If you have any questions just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you! Hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll see you next Sunday 🙂



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