Music Favorites


I never leave the house without earbuds, and I listen to music at any chance I have. Today I want to share some of my most recent favorite songs that I have been obsessing over. To listen to all these songs, you can check out my Spotify and give it a follow.

Into You // Ariana Grande

I have to start with this song because one of my best friends and I are going to Ariana’s concert on the 18th, so naturally this is one of my most listened to songs. It is a song off the album Dangerous Woman which comes out May 20th. From the songs released so far, this one is my #1.

One Dance // Drake

Listening to this song just makes me want to get up and dance. Something about the beat of it is just perfect. It puts me in a really good mood and I don’t think I could ever be bored of it.

Needed Me // Rihanna 

This is an explicit song, just as a warning, but I am OBSESSED. I’ve managed to listen to this song about 50 times in one day. I just love to jam out to this on the bus!

Four Pink Walls // Alessia Cara

Alessia is so underrated even though her music is incredible. Most of you know her by the song “Here” but all the songs on her album are amazing. This one has been my fave recently.

Training Wheels // Melanie Martinez 

Something about this song is just so amazing. Melanie’s music is such a different style from other artists which makes her so unique. It pulls me in every time.

Once again, you can check out more songs on my Spotify (so much promo, I know). These were just a few of the songs I have been loving lately. Leave some of your favorite songs in the comments cause I love finding new music! See you next Sunday :)



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