Going Cruelty Free

So many makeup brands are making the switch to becoming cruelty free and I am hopping on the train. The treatment of animals is just ridiculous and, well, cruel. So last week I went through my makeup, did some research, and got rid of anything that is tested on animals. Don’t worry, the makeup didn’t go to waste, my mom and sister picked it up!

As a makeup lover, getting rid of so many products was difficult, but it also opened up some doors for me. It gives me the opportunity to try out new brands that I otherwise wouldn’t. I’ve been exploring makeup sites to see the best products. I’ve seen some surprising results, and found products that I love more than my old ones. I’m still working on purchasing new products to complete my new collection, but expect a haul soon.

Here is a before and after of the things I got rid of:

I encourage all of you to at least try not to purchase from brands that test on animals. Check back next Sunday for a list of my suggestions and favorite brands! (Sorry for the short post this week)



5 thoughts on “Going Cruelty Free

  1. Yay for you going cruelty free! The treatment that animals face in experimentation of beauty products is so cruel. I find it unnecessary that companies choose to test their products on animals. There are so many cruelty free options nowadays, and I hope they get more recognition 🙂

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn’s Korner


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