Carli Bybel Palette Review




As soon as I laid my eyes on the Carli Bybel palette, I knew I had to have it. For only $14.50, this was the makeup product I was waiting for. BH cosmetics has some very promising products, so I knew this one had to be just as good. Plus the fact that it was designed by one of Youtube’s best makeup artists, I couldn’t wait to test it out.

The Packaging: 

The design of the palette is simply stunning. I am in love with how simple, yet pretty it is. It opens up by a magnet, and inside the design is just as aesthetically pleasing. The quote “Aspire to inspire” is written underneath the mirror in a cursive font, and the layout of the eyeshadows is very nice as well. 

The Pigments:

The palette comes with 14 shades: 10 eyeshadows, and 4 highlighters. Each one is very pigmented and easy to blend. Highlighters are something I have been experimenting with recently and I LOVE these shades. They are perfect for any skin tone, and you can mix them together to get the perfect shade, too. As for eyeshadow, there are some neutral tones which would work perfect for the day time, as well as darker mauve colors that can add a pop of color to any look. There are some shimmery shades (6), as well as a few mattes (4). I do wish, however, that there were more matte shades, but I could always use the sparkly ones as well. 

Final Thoughts:

This palette is a must have, because it is all you need to make any look. I wish I had gotten my hands on this sooner because there were so many occasions I could have played around with it for. It is very inexpensive which is the best part, for such highly pigmented colors. Give this post a like if you want a makeup look idea using this palette! 



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