First Day of School Outfit Ideas

School is coming right around the corner, so today I thought I would share 2 outfit ideas for the first day.

This first outfit idea is a bit dressier than the second, but just as comfortable. I got this romper last year, and have worn it so many times. The pattern of it is so cute, and not too flashy. However, if you have a strict dress code, I suggest wearing a cardigan because it’s strapless. I paired some black flats from Charlotte Russe with this outfit and I think it looked so good. As for jewelry, I went with a black and pink bracelet from Divinity LA. It really tied in the shoes and the romper together, and completed the look!


This second outfit idea is perfect for a more casual look, but is still really cute. I’m wearing a cute pink top from Charlotte Russe with cutouts in the sleeve. The beginning of the school year is still really hot, so this top is perfect! I paired it with navy shorts from Target! Oh my gosh, I recently purchased these shoes at Burlington and they are SO AMAZING! I know I’m kind of late on this trend but I couldn’t find a cute enough pair of these anywhere! When I stumbled upon them this week, I knew I had to get them. The best part, they were only $15. I tied them up pretty high this time but you can play around with how you want to tie them.

The rings I am wearing are so pretty, and they are by Lust Jewelers. They are gold and come in a set of 5 which is great because you can really choose how you want to wear them. You can wear one at a time, or do what I did and wear them all at once. Plus they are adjustable so they will definitely fit. Check them out by pressing here for their website and here for their Instagram!


Let me know what you think of the outfits in the comments below! Thanks for reading 🙂




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