How To Be A Morning Person


I used to spend my weekends and summers sleeping in to 12pm. Now, I absolutely hate sleeping past 9 am. Being a morning person was not something that just happened in one day. It actually takes some adjusting, but I promise it will make your life so much better.

I get a lot more work done in the mornings, and overall feel great when I wake up early. If I sleep too long, I actually feel way worse. So here are some of my tips to help you become a morning person.

  1. Go to bed earlier. This one is a given, but it actually is important. If you go to sleep at 3 am, you won’t want to wake up at 7 or 8. But, if you can get in bed by 10:30/11, you will get a better night’s sleep and won’t lose half the day.
  2. Turn off your phone. I know most of you probably lie in bed for an hour or more just scrolling through Twitter or Instagram until you have nothing left to look at. This will keep you awake longer so no reason, and it will really strain your eyes. Try reading a book or magazine at least half an hour before going to sleep. Or you can write in a journal, or draw something.
  3. Have something to do in the mornings. Pick a productive activity to wake you up when your alarm first rings. It can be something that will make you excited to wake up, or something that you need to get done. I start every morning with a quick run and some yoga, and then I shower. I feel better about waking up early because I did something with my time, and the shower really wakes me up. Another idea is you can prepare a really good breakfast the night before, and have it waiting for you when you wake up.
  4. Keep your curtains open. This one is something I don’t really do, but if you don’t want to wake up to the sound of a blaring alarm, keep your curtains open to let in the light. This will (hopefully) wake you up pretty early.
  5. The last tip I have is to make your bed as soon as you wake up. This way, you won’t have the urge to go back into bed, because it would ruin it. This actually helps me a lot, and it makes my room look a lot cleaner.

Those are all my ideas on ways to become a morning person! I hope you liked this post, and comment down below if you are a morning or a night person. I am 100% a morning person now, and I couldn’t be happier.



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