5 BEST Study Tips!

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The key to success in school are good studying habits. I struggled freshman year when I entered high school, because I was taking more advanced classes. Before then, I never even studied. So I want to share some of the tips I learned, and still use 2 years later, as a junior. I hope these tips are helpful!

  1. Plan Ahead: This one is really big for me. I huge part of studying is staying organized. Set up a schedule in a planner so that you know how long you have to study for a test. This way you can plan appropriately, and have enough time. Don’t wait until the last night to cram a ton of information in. You’ve probably heard this before, but it really is helpful. Little by little everyday until the test works best!
  2. Take Good Notes: I hate coming home to study but find that my notes are barely legible because I was trying to copy everything down really fast, or I only wrote every few words the teacher was saying. I like to come home from school, and re-write the sloppy notes right away, so when I need to study from them, I can understand what was written. Also, a good way to take notes is to color code. This helps me a lot and I talked about it in my school organization tips post!

    My current favorite notebooks are from Pretty Little Notebooks. They have so many cute designs, and you can purchase them here. I love the two I have. One is a bit bigger, so it is perfect for my harder classes that require more note taking. The designs fit my aesthetic so well, and I couldn’t be happier with them. I can not wait for the school year to start so I can use them.
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  3. Take breaks: I am not the type of person who can sit for hours studying and stay focused the entire time. I study for an hour, then take a 15 minute break, and do that again. I like to use the chrome extension called “Lanes.” Not only can you write up all the tasks you want to do, but you can use a timer, too. I mostly use the timer to help me stay on track and get things done.
  4. Test Yourself: When studying, I often times just read over some notes a few times and call it a day. However, when I go to take the test, I realize I don’t remember any of the information. The trick is to test yourself. This way, you can see if you actually understand the information. If you are able to say it out loud without looking at your notes, you most likely remember it really well.
  5. Find a spot to study: I used to sit in my bed to get really comfortable when studying. This was not very helpful though. I would usually end up watching Netflix, with my books tossed to the side. Find a spot that is comfortable, but doesn’t make you want to fall asleep either. This could be in a quiet room with a desk, or it could be at a library table, or even a loud cafe. Whatever helps you best.




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