Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Review

A couple posts back, I talked about attending Beautycon NYC. While there, I got so many free samples. I haven’t tried many yet so I decided I would try the black sugar mask by Skin Food.


The packaging of the sample was really cute, so I was praying the product would be of a high quality, too. The saying on the front was really creative, and I like the idea of calling it “food for the skin.” Also, there are only a few ingredients, which means the mask is very natural.

To use it, you simple apply it to your face when wet and massage it in. I left it on while I washed my hair, and rinsed it off right after. I will say that it is closer to the texture of a scrub than of a mask, but I prefer that.

The results were immediate. My face is usually really red, and after using scrubs and masks, it gets irritated. However, after this, my face wasn’t red at all. I was really shocked.

Also, my face felt very smooth. Right away my face felt less tight and there was a glow to my skin. I am really happy with the results, and I can not wait to buy the full product. If you want to purchase it, you can press here. 




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