Marble Warm Stone Palette Review!


You might have read my Carli Bybel palette review, which means you’ve heard of BH cosmetics. I have been a fan of their’s since the first order I received, and I know I will continue to purchase from them.

Recently, I ordered from their marble collection. I fell in love with the Warm Stone palette when I first saw an Instagram picture of it and knew I needed it. It arrived yesterday and it is even prettier in person, I swear.


The palette comes with 12 different colors, ranging from soft oranges and pinks to deep burgundies and browns. I tried out a look for the first time today for school, and the color lasted the whole time. There is so much pigmentation to it, plus you can build it up if you want a lighter look. There are a few shimmery shades as well as matte. Overall, this palette is perfect for Fall but also for any season! It would be great for an everyday look.

I will say though that the palette as a whole is pretty small. The shadows themselves are big, but the size of the whole thing is very travel friendly.

As for packaging, I like it more than the Carli Bybel one, which is surprising. The Carli Bybel closes with a magnet while this one snaps shut. It’s better for travel because you don’t have to worry about it opening on you. Also, the cover design is a little late to the marble trend but I still love it nonetheless (Great for Instagram!).

I can not wait to play around with the colors a bit more and see what I can do with this. I think I will do a post with a look using this palette so make sure to like this post if you want to see that!




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