My Favorite Journals- Notebook Collection

I know, I have been posting a lot about my journal recently but I promise this is the last post that will go up for a while. I thought I would share one last post giving you some good options for journals, because I know finding the right one can be hard. Here are a few of my favorites!

(Disclaimer: Some of these were sent to me but this post is only sponsored by Denik. I fully support their brand and their cause and really suggest checking them out! All opinions are my own)

img_3029This first one is from a brand called Lady Jayne. I could not find the same one online but I inserted the link of another cute one! I love the design of this and it is a softcover journal which is my favorite. The inside pages of all my journals are lined, this one slightly bigger than the others.

The next notebook has been featured before and it is from Pretty Little Notebooks. It has so many pages which is really nice, and it is the only spiral bound one I use. The front cover is so aesthetically pleasing, and it is very Instagram worthy!

I also have one from Denik which is one of my favorites. The pages are pretty thick, so you can use pens, markers, etc without it bleeding through. The inside cover is very cute, and you can even color it in if you wanted to! I love how many cover options there are as well, and the cover is durable enough to survive water without damage. You can even choose lined, dotted, or blank paper inside. Plus, buying one of their notebooks helps build schools in 3rd world countries!

The last one I am featuring is from Blueline. It is slightly bigger in size compared to the others, but I actually like that even more. It is great for writing in, and what’s cool is it has an index in the front. This would probably make a great bullet journal. And the back comes with stickers to use as tabs to easily locate your pages. I haven’t started using this one yet, but I really can not wait to!

Those are all the current notebooks I have/use! Hope you enjoyed this post, and don’t forget to give it a like.



8 thoughts on “My Favorite Journals- Notebook Collection

  1. nice, love the elephant one 🙂 I have a journal too but I’ve never used it before because I find it hard to touch it and mess it up because I like this journal so so so much loool. I got mine from Egypt and it has a rectangle form with old thick coffee-stain-brown-ish paper, the front has been hand painted by the kids. I just can’t get myself to start writing in it xD I bought it to write songs in it but I type everything on my phone xD

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      1. But did you join one of those organizations? I’m almost up to 200 followers simIm starting to research 😂 You probably have way more followers than me so I thought that I would ask you since you have more experience . I have no clue what to do 😬

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