Birthday Haul!

My birthday was over a week ago (actually like 10 days ago) so this post is pretty late, but I wanted to wait until I got all my gifts to make this. I never expect to get actually gifts (usually I just get money) so this was a surprise. I am so thankful for all the gifts I got, so huge thank you to all the friends and family who gave me something.

Also, the gifts are separated by category, not by what each person got me!

I got a few things from Victoria’s Secret/Pink and I love it all. I got two sweaters, and both are so comfy! I also got a pajama dress and it is adorable and really soft. I’ve worn those three already and I am so obsessed. My friend also saw that I retweeted a picture of the purple-y/maroon bralette so she bought it for me and it is so amazing. I can’t wait to wear it. Finally, from my cousin I got a super cute phone case. It’s really cute, and it even lights up. Super festive and will be perfect for the holidays.

As for makeup, everyone pretty much knew what to get me. My aunt got me the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette which I have been eyeing for so long. I already used it so many times and it is so pigmented and easy to blend. She also got me a set of 6 liquid lipsticks from Stila that I wanted to try! I wanted the set because I wasn’t sure which ones would look good on me so I didn’t want to just get one full-sized and never use it.

Next, one of my friends got me an Urban Decay primer (because I tweeted that I needed it) and the They’re Real mascara! I use those pretty much everyday, and I am super happy with both. Another friend got me the hoola bronzer which I have been wanting forever. I never actually picked it up for myself, so I am really late to the game. Finally, my friend got me the Born This Way concealer because I have been wanting to try it out before I got the foundation. I really like it because it is really light weight but has great coverage.

Non-makeup related but part of the picture, I got 4 iTunes gift cards! I already used them to buy basically every set of VSCO filters (not even ashamed).

If you are friends with me, go to my school, or even just follow me on twitter, you know that I have an obsession with pigs. So, naturally, I got pig related items for my birthday. I got a super cute stuffed animal that stays on my bed all the time, and a cute mug which is the only thing I drink from. My sister got me really cute slippers which I have been wearing non-stop because they are so fuzzy and warm.

Another huge obsession of mine are Reese’s! I can eat them everyday, it’s actually becoming a problem. I also got some Kit Kat’s which I love as well, and some chocolates!

Besides some money, these were all the gifts I got this year! This post was not to brag I swear, I did a poll on Twitter and everyone voted that I should do it. This might have been a bit helpful for deciding what to put on your Christmas List! I hope you enjoyed the post ๐Ÿ™‚


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