Christmas Haul 2016

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! I hope you get to spend the day with family/friends and enjoy the day. Disclaimer: Not trying to brag, I am very grateful for everything I received. I did this post last year, so I thought I would do it again!

I actually opened all my gifts yesterday, because that’s the way my family has always done it. In the Polish culture, Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas Day. Ok, let’s just start.


  1. Hollister top- Green: I actually picked this and the jeans out myself, but I love how soft this top is. I wear a lot of simple tops like this, so I can’t wait to add this to my wardrobe.
  2. Hollister Jeans: I bought 2 pairs of light wash jeans over the summer but neither of them fit me and I have no idea why (I have dark jeans in the same size and style from the same place and they fit). I knew I needed a new pair so I picked these out last week.
  3. VS Pink Long Sleeve Shirt: I love this shirt so so much. It is the softest thing ever and looks really cute on. My sister and I were in the store together and were talking about how we want it, and my mom bought it without even knowing we said we liked it.
  4. VS Sweatpants: I love pants from Victoria’s Secret and I used to buy them a lot. They are very comfortable, and I know I will be getting tons of use out of these for gym/running.
  5. Forever 21 PJ Pants: I told my mom I needed some long pants to sleep in because I get so cold at night in my house. She got me these two and I love them. They are very thick and warm, so I can’t wait to sleep in them. I actually need to exchange them though for a bigger size because I want them to be a little baggier.
  6. Pink Top: This top is probably not something I would buy for myself but when I put it on, I loved it. It doesn’t photograph well, but I love the look. This is also a bit too small, so I just need a bigger size and I will be wearing it a lot.


  1. NYX matte lip cream- Milan: I got this from my sister and I love the color. It is kind of like a berry shade, but it is perfect for this time of year.
  2. NYX matte lip cream- Tokyo: This shade I got from my secret Santa, and I love it just as much. This is a much lighter shade, which is great for an everyday look.
  3. Too Faced Lipstick- Nude Beach: I actually ordered this myself but my mom paid for it so I opened it before Christmas. I love this color so much and have already been wearing it a lot.
  4. Too Faced Lipstick- Naked Dolly: This was a sample shade that came with the other but I thought I would include it anyways. This color is a little lighter than my lips, so it is very nude.
  5. Makeup Brush Set of 20(?): I kind of took a guess at how many brushes there are, but I know it is at least 20. I got this from my Secret Santa as well and I am so extremely happy. I asked for this so actually getting it was exciting. I was in desperate need of new brushes.
  6. Ardell Natural Lashes: I got this from my sister because I told her to buy them for me. Every time I went to Target they were sold out but she found them for me so I am extremely happy. I already wore a pair yesterday and they look so good!
  7. Real Techniques Sponge: Last gift from my sister, this was also something I needed. My old one was getting really gross, and plus I wanted to try this one out to see how it is.
  8. Biore Charcoal Nose Strips: I got this in my stocking because I told my mom to get me these for Christmas. I ran out a couple weeks ago and I love these.
  9. Nivea Lip balm: Just a small stocking stuffer; this stuff works great.
  10. Prada Candy Rollerball Perfume: My aunt got me and my cousins this perfume and it smells so good. It will be great to keep in my purse or backpack for school.
  11. Starbucks Gift Card: non-beauty related but a necessity. Getting Starbucks gift cards is great because I don’t feel guilty for buying expensive coffee.
  12. VS Tweezers: I have been using the same pair of tweezers for a while now so my mom decided I should get new ones. I will definitely be using it often.



  1. Cross Necklace: This is so pretty and I know I will wear it often.
  2. Heart Necklace: I got my sister a pack of two necklaces for Christmas. One for her and one for me, so technically I bought this for myself, but I wanted to include it.
  3. Layered Necklace: I couldn’t take a good picture of this one, but it is just a gold necklace with 3 layers to it, perfect to add a little something to simple tops.


  1. VS Tease Lotion: I get at least one lotion for Christmas every year. Trust me, I don’t mind it at all though. I love how this one smells; it is now one of my top 3 favorites.
  2. Twister Peppermint Soap: I already put this in my bathroom. I got it from a friend, which was totally unnecessary but so nice.
  3. Pink Body Scrub- Sun Kissed: THIS STUFF SMELLS AMAZING. I love any shower related products and as soon as I’m done writing this I am going to use it.
  4. Fresh Skin Care Set: This is actually a Sephora gift you get for your birthday but I didn’t get a chance to go get it for mine, so my mom used hers on me!
  5. Milk And Honey: I got this from a Secret Santa exchange at school and it is one of my favorite things. I have been wanting it for so long and I can’t wait to read it. Expect a review soon!
  6. Philosophy Snow Angel Set: I buy Philosophy products all the time and always rave about them to my mom. She knows me so well and decided to get this set for me!
  7. Loofa: Another thing I told my mom to get because I wanted a fresh one. Plus it goes nicely with the body washes/scrubs I got.
  8. Candy: I got a ton of candy and some I already ate (oops) so it is not in the picture. It is all candy I like, too, which is great. I will probably eat this all so fast.
  9. Money: I didn’t put this in the pictures but I got some money from relatives so I wanted to make sure I talked about it as well.
  10. The Princess Saves Herself In This One: I got an amazon gift card from a Secret Santa so I bought this book! It won’t be coming in for a few more days, but I wanted to include it.

This is everything I got for Christmas this year, with a few little things on the way still! I hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment down below what you got because I really would love to know! Once again, I am so thankful for all of this, and it is more than I expected.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Haul 2016

  1. Just curious about your nails – are they real, and if so are they acrylics/gels? Did you do them yourself or get them done? Sorry but I really love them, and I hope you wouldn’t mind sharing! 🙂

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