(Late) Spring Cleaning

Yes, spring began almost a month ago now, but it’s never too late to do some cleaning up! I went through and de-cluttered a lot of my room a few weekends ago, so I thought I would give you some guidelines for cleaning up your own!


First, I go through my closet and take out all my clothes. My floor basically disappears for a few hours, but that is okay! I make 3 piles- keep, throw out, and donate.

If there are some clothes you haven’t worn in over 6 months, donate them. Trust me, this will make your closet look much neater. I know it can be hard to part ways with some of your favorite pieces, but what is the point of keeping something you don’t wear if someone else could get use out of it?

There are some clothes that I find have stains I can’t get out, holes, or are just too worn out to even donate, so I toss ’em. And of course, the clothes I still wear and love, I keep.


I am guilty of hoarding all my old school notes and papers, letters I get, notebooks, books, etc. They just sit on top of my desk and never get any use, though. Those old papers I mentioned before, I try to go through them and recycle it if I know I won’t be needing it. Of course, it may be necessary to keep some important documents, but I doubt you need those receipts from three months ago anymore.

I also organize the drawers and boxes on my desk, because all my sticky notes, cables, and pencils tend to get super messy. I return whatever I know is in the wrong place, and make the items appear to look better.

I also sift through my pens, markers, and pencils and test each one to see if it still works. You know the drill- if it doesn’t, toss it.


This is one category I often forget. Go through your makeup and throw out anything old and expired or emptied. If there are products you have only used once sitting in your drawer, see if any friends want them. Unfortunately, you can not donate these, so throw them out if left unwanted!

Clean your makeup brushes as well. If you are anything like me, you probably haven’t done that in a while.

Computer and Phone

At least twice a year, I go through all the documents on my laptop and delete things that I no longer use. I find that there are applications that I accidentally downloaded, pictures I saved but don’t need, and old papers I can delete. It will even give you more storage!

I also go through my phone and delete apps I don’t use, and messages I don’t need. Also, I delete pictures that just take up space (screenshots, not memories).

Finally, I back up my phone to my laptop, and my laptop to my external hard drive.


The last step to my spring cleaning is redecorating and rearranging. Back in middle school, this was more of a monthly thing, but now it has become seasonal. I sometimes change out my comforter to match the warm weather, and I add new plants or picture frames. This step is all up to you.

For the final touches, I dust down all surfaces, vacuum the whole floor, and make my bed. My room (and my life) feel less cluttered.

Xo, Jessica


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