a writing update.

As you may remember, I just wrote a post explaining my excitement for Camp NaNoWriMo. And I was beyond excited. But it’s time to be honest with myself.

I’ve been in a huge writing slump (writer’s block, i guess) and I haven’t picked up a pen in weeks, besides the occasional line or two. I thought that joining camp would give me a reason to write, and that I would feel even more motivated. Boy was I wrong. Forcing myself to write just generates horribly written lines that I end up deleting either way.

So we are now 1/2 way through the month, and I ended up re-writing the first 2 pages of my novel instead of writing more. I am just not into it right now. I really hope I can get out of this strange mood soon because it is not like me to not want to write. I feel strange and everything feels out of place. I haven’t even wanted to blog.

I am leaving for vacation at a beach house in North Carolina in exactly one week. I hope that time near the ocean will inspire me once again, and maybe I will get some writing done. If not, I am not stressing anymore. I want to focus on myself and listen to what my mind is telling me.

I will hopefully continue working on my novel in the near future because I do like what I have so far. If I have more writing updates, I will definitely post them.

Anyways, good luck to everyone who is on track to finish their goals for camp!



9 thoughts on “a writing update.

  1. Jessica, I totally understand how you feel. I’ve been going through a writer’s block as well and it doesn’t feel good. At times I feel the need to write, yet I can’t seem to put together a sentences that expressed exactly what I wish to say. It will pass though. I hope you have a lovely vacation and I believe the ocean is going to inspire you and give you ideas and words… Sending lots of love ♥

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    1. I’m glad there’s someone else who understands! It’s an awful feeling to be stuck like this, but I hope both of us can get out of it soon. Best of luck with your writing love 💜


  2. I totally understand. I am in a slump and I kinda did the same and ended in changing a major portion of my plot. Hope we can both get inspiration soon enough and start writing our hearts out again. ❤

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  3. It’s summer and I feel the same way at the moment. Best thing to do while you’re near the ocean and away from stress of camp is to not even think about writing, just live in the moment and take in your experiences while being there. Though if you find inspiration it’s great. It’s also cool to try something new…lol once this summer, it was after fire works and I’d brought my camera. Well, I saw these group of guys relaxing on a bench outside the publix and it was late so the only light beaming were those little orange ones…the best scene ever!! Tbh though I put my camera put the window to get a good shot; they all looked up and smacked their teeth I had the best shot ever, though my camera malfunctioned after taking it and blurred the screen. It was the most memorable night as I attempted to hide my embarrassment while probably being cursed out under breaths, a few shouted at me but I had my car doors locked so, I felt as if there was nothing they could really do😂 idk it was fun and it was one of the most daring things I’ve done. I feel as if in the future doing things like this helps to get my mind off the block so much that when I go to pock up my pen I have certain detailed images in my mind that’s worth using. But yeah just try something new or daring nothing too dangerous though lol

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  4. Oooh, beach house!! That’s a great place to write.
    I’ve dealt with the same thing, forcing myself to write and then just messing up the story. I had to tear out 30 pages one time to save my novel. *cries just thinking about it*. But, I finally finished the first draft!

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