17 things i learned being 17

On November 15th, I turned 18. That is INSANE to me. I am officially an adult. This past year has been all about growing and learning for me. I have definitely changed as a person, friend, writer, blogger, and student. Not only did I get my license, but I also started my first official job, finished my college applications (and even got some acceptances back already), and so much more. I know that I will continue to grow everyday, but I wanted to do this post so that you guys can hear some of my advice (no matter what age).

  1. take care of your body.
  2. do what makes YOU happy
  3. it’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out
  4. crying does not make you weak!!
  5. not everyone is meant to stay in your life
  6. be kind to everyone
  7. mistakes are okay
  8. don’t be afraid to show people you care
  9. write everyday
  10. you can say “no” without making up excuses
  11. get off of your phone sometimes
  12. don’t be so negative all the time
  13. don’t let the little things bother you
  14. embrace the future, don’t let it scare you
  15. you are the only one who can make things happen for yourself
  16. stay humble
  17. you are doing just fine

Each of these little lessons/reminders have helped me live a less anxious and happier life. I struggled a lot at the beginning of the year with anxiety and stress, but these tips were really useful. I hope you keep these in mind, and I hope they help you out!

xo, Jessica


How To Have A Productive Morning

The days I wake up and begin the morning doing something productive is when I feel best about myself. I love that I am not just sitting in bed watching Netflix for hours (but, let’s be honest, I have my fair share of those days, too). Here are five things you should do every morning to ensure a successful day.

  1. Drink a glass of water. This is supposed to help your metabolism get a jump start and it also helps to wake you up. I just started doing this recently, and it really does help. I feel refreshed early in the morning, and I am hydrated after sleeping all night.
  2. Make your bed. This is crucial to me. My room looks extremely messy if I don’t make my bed, so just doing this one thing makes me feel so much better. It’s also the first productive thing I do, so it makes me feel like I accomplished something early in the day.
  3. Open the Blinds. My room needs to be pitch black when I sleep, so all the blinds are closed and it is extremely dark. However, opening up the blinds in the morning really gives me a burst of energy. The sunlight is really powerful because the sun rises on the same side as my window, so it makes me feel more awake.
  4. Wash your face. When you first wake up, there is no doubt in my mind that you feel groggy. When I was my face, that grogginess goes away and I feel so refreshed. It’s also important to wash your face in the morning to prevent breakouts and keep acne under control.
  5. Write a to-do list. This last step is what begins my journey for the day. If I don’t write a to-do list I feel so lost. This keeps me on track and allows me to do the important, time sensitive tasks I have yet to begin. I accomplish so much more because I don’t waste time, and I feel better when I can check things off my list.

I hope this list was helpful, and maybe inspired you to try doing a few of these.


Blogging Tips!

Hi everyone! I wrote a post called The Blogging Guide almost a year ago! I have grown so much since then, and learned a ton more. After over a year of blogging regularly, I think I have gained some knowledge, and I would love to share it!

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Post Original Content
People don’t like to read the same posts over and over. While yours may be the only blog they read, chances are they read multiple blogs, and will get bored if all posts are the same. I do a lot of pretty basic posts, but I try to keep them original with the style! Think of posts not many people have written, or put your own twist on them.

Be Honest
Your readers can tell if you are lying about loving a product just for more views, or just because you are sponsoring something. Don’t post about a product unless you genuinely love it, or you are misleading the readers.

One Type Of Blogger?
Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to one “theme” of blogging. I write beauty, fashion, and lifestyle posts. When I first started this blog, the name of it was fashion related, but I realized after a week that I didn’t only want to write about fashion. Now I mainly do lifestyle posts, so I am happy I didn’t commit to fashion. Experiment with posts you write to see what comes most natural.

Be Active On Other Blogs
Read other blog posts and leave nice comments, or give the post a like! Not only will more people see your blog, but you may even make a friend in the process! The blogging community is so big, but so welcoming. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others. One of the best things that came from it were all the friends I made.

Those are all the tips I have for now, but I hope they were helpful! Leave your own tips in the comments below :)


Achieving Your Goals

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We all have goals. Whether it is in life, at work, or in school. They are a necessary part of growing and learning. Without them, we would be stuck in one place, never reaching our full potentials. Below I have 5 tips for achieving your goals! This is a collab with the lovely Emily, you can click here to read her post. She is one of my favorite bloggers, her posts are so amazing! And if you came from her blog, hi!

Write it Down
So many times I think of goals in my head but I never accomplish them until I write them down. Visualizing it, even just the words, helps me out so much. It makes it feel real. I set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for myself and it really does help. Keeping a planner is good for this reason, as it gives you a place to write your thoughts out, and it is a permanent reminder because you use it so often.

Take Baby Steps
You can not expect to achieve most of your goals overnight. They take time to complete. Often times the hardest part of any goal for me is beginning. You don’t have to rush it, but don’t blow it off everyday either. If your goal is to be healthier, don’t eliminate all junk food at once. Try removing chips one week, and cupcakes the next. Everything takes time and effort.

Make A Timeline
If you’re someone like me, you need to make a schedule for what you do all the time. Everyday I write out the things I need to do, in what order I want to do them, and what times I want to do them by. This can be very helpful when reaching your goals. Most of the time I am a huge procrastinator, and by making a schedule, I actually get things done. Decide when you want to accomplish certain steps of your goal, until you achieve the entire goal.

Set Realistic Goals
This one is important. Don’t set goals you know you won’t achieve because that will only discourage and disappoint you. And there’s no point of writing down a goal that will never happen. It’s just useless.

Stay Positive!
This is important. Like I said before, unattainable goals may discourage you, but if you really want something, you can get it. Don’t quit just because you didn’t make one of your self-set deadlines. Just try again the next day! You are allowed to make mistakes and fall back on bad habits, but remember what your end goal is. It takes 14 days to break a habit, so give it time and keep your thoughts positive!

Don’t forget to check out Emily’s blog! Her posts are AMAZING.


Toxic Friendships

Friendships can be so toxic. You try so hard to fit in, so you give up yourself in return. Soon, you just become a duplicate, and the real you is hidden. You begin doing things you thought you would never do. You are constantly unhappy. You are afraid to say the wrong thing around the people you should trust most.


Don’t let it get that far.

That is not what friendship is like. Friendship means surrounding yourself with people you can always rely on, people who will bring you up, not tear you down. You are different than any other person in this world. You don’t need to become someone else to be liked, you just need to find the people who will accept you.

So why do we do it? To get invited to more parties? To feel popular? It’s not worth it. Real friendship is being able to sit in silence, without the awkward part. It’s being with someone you can truly be yourself around.

So how do you know if you are in a toxic friendship?

If you are in one of these situations, get out! You deserve better, and you will find better.

Your “friend”…

  1. Always guilts you into doing things. They might hold a secret you told them against you.
  2. Doesn’t keep your secrets, ever. You can never trust them with anything.
  3. Makes you afraid to speak your mind. You are afraid he/she will hate you if you say something wrong.
  4. Always asks for something, but never does anything in return.
  5. Tries to change you into being more like them.
  6. Always degrades you, makes you feel bad about yourself, or criticizes you.
  7. Start arguments about every little thing.
  8. Gives you reasons not to rely on him/her because he/she will cancel plans with you if he/she get a better offer.

I hope none of you find yourself in this situation, but if you are, I hope this helps. I know finding/making new friends can be hard, but it’s possible. If you ever need someone to talk to, you can always message me on Instagram or Twitter!


How To Be A Morning Person


I used to spend my weekends and summers sleeping in to 12pm. Now, I absolutely hate sleeping past 9 am. Being a morning person was not something that just happened in one day. It actually takes some adjusting, but I promise it will make your life so much better.

I get a lot more work done in the mornings, and overall feel great when I wake up early. If I sleep too long, I actually feel way worse. So here are some of my tips to help you become a morning person.

  1. Go to bed earlier. This one is a given, but it actually is important. If you go to sleep at 3 am, you won’t want to wake up at 7 or 8. But, if you can get in bed by 10:30/11, you will get a better night’s sleep and won’t lose half the day.
  2. Turn off your phone. I know most of you probably lie in bed for an hour or more just scrolling through Twitter or Instagram until you have nothing left to look at. This will keep you awake longer so no reason, and it will really strain your eyes. Try reading a book or magazine at least half an hour before going to sleep. Or you can write in a journal, or draw something.
  3. Have something to do in the mornings. Pick a productive activity to wake you up when your alarm first rings. It can be something that will make you excited to wake up, or something that you need to get done. I start every morning with a quick run and some yoga, and then I shower. I feel better about waking up early because I did something with my time, and the shower really wakes me up. Another idea is you can prepare a really good breakfast the night before, and have it waiting for you when you wake up.
  4. Keep your curtains open. This one is something I don’t really do, but if you don’t want to wake up to the sound of a blaring alarm, keep your curtains open to let in the light. This will (hopefully) wake you up pretty early.
  5. The last tip I have is to make your bed as soon as you wake up. This way, you won’t have the urge to go back into bed, because it would ruin it. This actually helps me a lot, and it makes my room look a lot cleaner.

Those are all my ideas on ways to become a morning person! I hope you liked this post, and comment down below if you are a morning or a night person. I am 100% a morning person now, and I couldn’t be happier.


3 Ways To Live A More Positive Life

Hi KissesNYC readers! I am Lexie; I write lexieslifexo.wordpress.com, a fashion x beauty x lifestyle blog! Jess contacted me about being a guest writer and I couldn’t have been any more thrilled. For today’s post I am going to be giving advice on 3 ways to live a more positive life. These days I feel like it is so easy to get consumed in all of the negative whether it be reading tweets, interacting with people who have sour moods at school/work, or even just putting your focus on the stressful aspects of life. In times when negativity is present is when it is most important to put all of your concentration and energy towards being positive and optimistic. By staying hopeful and cheerful, not only will it improve your mood, but it will also rub off on the people you surround yourself with…it’s infectious in the best possible way! I have found that by the things that I do and how I live my life lead me to being a more positive person. Let’s get into the tips ->

1. Be the change you wish to see
Twitter is something that I am always on and I can’t tell you how many times I scroll through my feed and just see tweet after tweet with someone complaining about how “their life sucks” or “how stressed they are” or how “they hate everyone and everything”. Little does the person know that by tweeting these pessimistic things, they are attracting negative energy and more stress is just going to pile up. I think it is important to be a person on social media who tweets encouraging, optimistic, and positive quotes or messages because these tweets have the power to make someone’s day and allow someone to realize that what they are worried about is so trivial compared to how big, beautiful, and wonderful this world is. Be the change and start projecting positivity on twitter and other social media platforms!
2. Eat healthy
You may be thinking to yourself…how can eating healthy help me live a more positive life!? I have noticed that when I eat healthy, wholesome foods I tend to feel better about myself and it makes my outlook on life a lot more positive! I know that when I eat greasy food I always feel like crap after and then regret doing it in the first place so eating a healthy and balanced diet will help not only your body but will help you to be more positive!
3. Be Active
I have found that exercise is not only something that is great for your body but is also very therapeutic for your mind. It is a time that you can dedicate to bettering yourself and allows you a block of time out of your day to reflect on everything that has been going on in your life. Find either a class such as spin or yoga that makes you feel empowered and serene and gives you the space to think and reflect. I have found that reflecting allows you to live a more positive life because it really puts into perspective that what you are most likely stressing over is insignificant or out of your control and gives you the time to realize that this world is so big and your problems are really so small. Putting this into perspective really helps me to focus on all of the positive aspects of my life and allows me to appreciate the world more.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I had so much fun writing it and I really encourage that you guys use some of these tips because they could change your lifestyle for the better! If you are interested in seeing more of my posts and content you can read my blog lexieslifexo.wordpress.com and keep up with me on Instagram @lexieslifexo and twitter @lexieslifeblog. Thank you all so much for reading and a big thanks to Jess for asking me to guest write! She’s awesome :)
xo, Lexie

The Guide To Blogging

I have had a blog before this one, actually quite a few, but I was never able to commit myself fully, because I didn’t know what it took to become a blogger. In this post I will be sharing some tips of mine, as well as some essentials that every blogger needs to know.

Blogger Essentials

First things first, before you can become a blogger, you need to get a few supplies.

If you are fully dedicated to becoming a blogger, it is essential to invest in a nice quality camera. Of course, you can always use your smartphone, but if you want to become more serious, a nice digital camera is good to have. I have the canon EOS rebel SL1 with an 18-55mm lens. It is an amazing quality camera, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a flip out screen which is the only downfall. Before purchasing a camera, make sure you do a ton of research because it is a huge purchase!

My next essential as a blogger is a notebook and pens. I personally prefer to handwrite all my thoughts and ideas, and sometimes writing it out on paper is more beneficial. It gets your brain working and your ideas will come flowing out. Use this notebook to plan out blog posts, or jot down ideas for pictures you want to get.

I also recommend if you are a beauty/fashion blogger to have some subscriptions to magazines, or buy a few magazines at a store once a week/month. This will keep you up to date on all the newest trends so you know what to blog about next. I also think it is a good idea to cut out some of your favorite pictures from the magazines to inspire you if you are ever having writers block.

Finally, I suggest finding/making a playlist to listen to while you write your blog post. This can also get you inspired and I do this every time. My Spotify username is xojessciarcz. I change my playlist weekly, and if you want to listen to some of the music I have in it, you can listen here.

Starting A Blog

  1. Decide what website you are going to make your blog on. The top website builders I’ve seen used are Blogger and WordPress (which is what I use). This is important because of what theme you want to use for your blog, or how much you want to pay for a custom URL.
  2. Picking a name for your blog is important. I had a name originally (JXCfashion) but I changed it because it was too restricting. My blog is not simply about fashion, so I knew I needed to change it. Your name gives a first impression to your blog, and will either grab your readers or turn them away, so think hard about it.
  3. Think about your audience and what kind of contents you want to post for them. My blog, specifically, is about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Obviously you are allowed to post more than that, but stick to a general audience!

More Tips:

  • Don’t be discouraged if you do not get 1,000 views on your blog post overnight. It takes a long time to get a base of  readers to frequently check out your posts.
  • Stay active. Try to post at least once a week or people will forget about you. It is easy to do this if you create a posting schedule but try to stick to it (this is usually hardest for me because life gets in the way).
  • Be yourself. Your readers can tell if you are being yourself or if you are just trying to sound super sweet. Keep it real because people like reading a personality, not a monotonous sounding voice in their head.
  • PROOF READ! This is my biggest tip because it makes me cringe when I see someone who uses the wrong “there” in a sentence.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had errors, too, but don’t have more than 2-3 mistakes per blog, or people will stop reading it. Maybe have a friend edit it for you!
  • My last tip is to stay connected. Share your blog to your friends and family, post about it on your Instagram, Twitter, etc. The more people that read it the better!

I recommend…

  • Books:
    • Teen Vogue Hand Book
    • Lauren Conrad’s “Style” and “Beauty” book
    • Alexa Chung “It”
  • Magazines:
    • Teen Vogue
    • Seventeen
    • Cosmopolitan
  • Apps:
    • blog lovin’
    • pinterest
    • we heart it
    • WordPress app (to check your analytics)

I hope this was helpful and maybe a few people will start a blog now! Thank you for reading, and let me know if you have any questions.

Xo, Jessica